Must Have Social PR Apps via Megan Berry #socialchat

We are all trying to stay ahead of the curve and extend our social reach. Every day there are up and coming social apps, all which claim to help us do just that. But how do you sift through all the static and the noise? According to Megan Berry, founder of LiftFive and #socialchat guest, [...]

Like, Like, Like, Sold! The Power of Facebook’s Newsfeed

How many Likes does it take to make a sale? Good question! Just how Likeable are you? Since social media took over, literally… businesses have been looking for ways to use the social oomph to boost bottom lines. According to comScore, however, many of them have been approaching the effort from the wrong direction. In [...]

Google+ on Mobile Aims for More Meaningful Social Media Experience

Companies today are exploring and studying social media sites where they can carry out to their target market and get closer to their possible and existing clients or advocates. It is important for people in this industry to start looking for alternative ways to get leverage without depending so much on the ranking methods of [...]

50 Shades of Content Marketing for Online PR

Online public relations has come a long way, baby. The frustrated publicist of yesterday was under tight control by the journalist, the editor, the reporter – the publicity gatekeepers! Pitching  a press release (ok sometime even begging and pleading)  for an interview was just par for the course. A typical day in the life of [...]