@LisaBuyer Tweets from Search Engine Strategies #SESSF

How social is your website? The question of Tuesday’s SES Express Site Clinic where CEOs, CMOs and marketing pros put their Websites to the social media test. Here is a sneak peek of Lisa Buyer and colleague UK-based Tracy Falke giving social media “personality check” ups at SES San Francisco. Learn from these companies as [...]

Do you LIKE it?

Happy #Follow Friday! I’ve been waiting for this day for almost three years! The opening of the movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts. The book was one of my faves so I couldn’t help but tie in my most recent published article. By the way…my fave #FF @zappos, @mashable, @tonyrobbins, @dalailama Just published: Agencies [...]

Social Media Responds to Tiger Woods Mea Culpa

As millions worldwide watched a stoic, unfamiliar Tiger Woods admit wrongdoing and attempt to repair an image shattered by secrecy and sex, reactions on Twitter were as diverse and polarizing as Tiger’s mistresses. Much has been made about Tiger’s public relations response, or lack thereof, since the golf icon’s single car crash in November and [...]

PR/Social Media Tip of the Day: Put a Face to Your Name

Put a face to your name and reveal who is behind your messages.  Whether it is the company’s CEO, social media coordinator or Frank from Accounting, allowing your audience to connect a real face and name with your content will help to foster a relationship and encourage interaction. The CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson, is [...]