#Mashcon Tweets and Rumors Heard @Mashable Connect

If you can’t explain it in 140 characters, your idea is too complicated! The most popular Tweet from #mashcon and also the most poetic as a mantra of what’s to come in digital marketing. In case you missed Mashable Connect, the signature conference of the year that takes social media trends and technologies to new [...]

Mashable’s Pete Cashmore Predicts 2012 Tech Trends: Touch, Gestures, Voice, Screens

If social media had an official mentalist his name might be Pete Cashmore. The Mashable founder is also CNN’s social media and tech correspondent who shared some headline news on what he thinks will be the 2012 top tech trends. From the onslaught of iPad competitors to the rise of cloud-base apps, 2011 spotlighted some [...]

Women and Facebook: The Good, the Bad and the Chatty

Looks like women have ‘frenemies’ on Facebook, as in life. A study released by daily deals company Eversave (and chronicled by Mashable) reveals startling data about women’s attitudes toward their Facebook friends. A surprising 84 percent of women surveyed admitted to being annoyed by their Facebook friends at one time or another. Prior to the [...]

Learn How Small Businesses Optimize Social Media

Social media spending is predicted to skyrocket this year. Businesses lean heavily toward the digital arena when it comes to their 2011 marketing budgets, planning to increase website, e-mail, social media and print advertising. As businesses constantly upgrade their technology, owners are beginning to pay more attention to social media. 75% of businesses are now [...]