Smoking SEO, Brewing Social, Liking Local at SMX Advanced Day Two

In case you missed the #SMX social signals from yesterday, check out my guest blog post Yes Virginia, Tweeting is SEO on Bruce Clay’s blog. Today is sure to deliver some Seattle SEO brew. The social signals from networks like Facebook and Twitter have search marketers smoking the Likes and drinking the Tweets. Today’s line [...]

12 Tips for PR Targeting and Marketing to Women

The Buyer Group CEO Lisa Buyer subscribes to award-winning copywriter and branding consultant Stuart Dornfield’s email gems of wisdom. Stuart’s latest email is especially invaluable to those in the Social PR mix, so we wanted to share: 34% of women match their bras to their panties, says Only 15% of moms order ethnic/exotic foods [...]

Learn How Small Businesses Optimize Social Media

Social media spending is predicted to skyrocket this year. Businesses lean heavily toward the digital arena when it comes to their 2011 marketing budgets, planning to increase website, e-mail, social media and print advertising. As businesses constantly upgrade their technology, owners are beginning to pay more attention to social media. 75% of businesses are now [...]

Florida PR Agency on Client Gifting

Online PR Company Gifting Policy… meaningful more than monetary Choosing client gifts can be tricky. Do you go with something professional like a paperweight, online public relations book, or logo business card holder? Or do you give something more personal like a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant? The Buyer Group goes with meaning. Gift [...]