#FF This Week’s Online PR Tweets from #BlueGlassFL by Lisa Buyer

The place: BlueGlass Florida Conference. Sharing the opening panel this week with HARO founder Peter Shankman and CopyBlogger Brian Clark made for an interesting hour discussing the current online PR and social media forecast: Hot and sunny with a 95% chance of social media posts, tweets and blogs. The highlights have been permanently archived by [...]

BlueGlass FL Online Marketing Conference Live at Hard Rock in Florida, Lisa Buyer Shares Stage for Online PR Session

In “concert” together, top social media, online PR and search marketing industry experts take center stage for two days of sharing the who, what, where, when and how they do it! So you can too! Limited seats available! The movers and shakers of Internet marketing come to Florida headlining live at the Hard Rock! BlueGlass [...]

The Buyer Group Social Network Days

The movie The Social Network brings to light the true impact of social media. It’s true, you can’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies. Now the social fabric of business, friends and family is forever changed. So, thank you Mark Zuckerberg (and all the people who did not get due credit) for [...]

Vocus Acquires HARO: The World of PR is Changing and Never Coming Back

Peter Shankman started HARO (Help A Reporter Out) in 2007 with a Facebook Group and two overweight cats, he explained in a blog announcing the sale of his wildly popular PR service to Vocus Inc. HARO, a free service matured through a deft use of social media, connects journalists on deadline with public relations professionals [...]